As mentioned on our about page, this year we’ve arranged php[tek] into a number of 1 and 2-day tracks each full of new talks developed just for us centered on one of 8 topics.  If you buy a full conference ticket you can choose to stay in one track each day or jump between talks to customize your schedule.  We also offer cheaper track-specific tickets, if there’s only one track you really want to see.  Learn more about our tracks below, and then visit our schedule page.


Professional PHP

This 2-day long track, this is designed for beginner to intermediate programmers who want to level up their PHP development knowledge while picking up some skills needed by lead developers.

Track Chairs:


This 2-day track will not only ensure you have a solid foundation with web security and creating applications that can withstand hackers but also goes into deeper aspects of cryptography and machine security.

Track Chairs:


Our final 2-day track is all about how to create efficient and powerful APIs that other developers will want to use.

Track Chairs:



Prepare yourself for a day of experience with how to write tests for your code (and why you should). This track will focus on using PHPUnit but touch on other tools as well.

Track Chair:


Advanced PHP

Did you take our Professional PHP Track and ready to learn more? Or felt you already knew that and wanted to skip straight to some advanced topics? This 1-day track is for you!

Track Chairs:


PHP Internals

Have you ever wanted to expand the power (and speed) of your application by adding your own functions to PHP specific to your needs? Or perhaps contribute back to the PHP project itself? Learn everything you need to know here in one day.

Track Chairs:


Knowing how to write code is the start, but making your application able to scale to an unlimited number of users, and perform with speed in the user’s browser is imperative for good user experience. A 1-day track of talks covering all aspects of your code’s performance.

Track Chairs:



So you cross the line between developer and sysadmin? Or just want to learn more about how to manage your own machines and development environments with Docker? This full-day track will fill you in.

Track Chairs:


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